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Documentation required in order for us to process your application, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Measures:



Matsumoto Financial Group Application

Please speak with an advisor and read the details to ensure your application process is successful

  • A license or permit issued under a law of a State or Territory or equivalent authority for the purpose of driving a vehicle.
  • A passport or a similar document issued for the purpose of international travel, that contains a photograph and the signature of the person in whose name the document is issued;


  • A birth certificate or birth extract issued by a State or Territory; a citizenship certificate National ID Card

Proof of Address (any one of the following):

  • Utility bill
  • Bank account statement received by mail / courier

Terms of Service

Approve Marketing Agreement

1. ACCOUNT STATUS: Matsumoto Financial Group agrees to accept and maintain for the undersigned customer one or more accounts and act as broker or dealer for Customer in the execution and clearance of orders for transactions involving the purchase and sale of financial securities. The Customer hereby represents that all responses made in connection with the Account Agreement are complete and correct, and that Matsumoto Financial Group will be informed of any materials change in such data, including financial information. Customer warrants to Matsumoto Financial Group that if Customer is an individual or if this is a joint account, Customer(s) is of legal age and sound mind. Unless otherwise indicated in the Customer Application, no one except the Customer(s) identified in the Account Application has an interest in the account(s). Customer agrees to permit verification of relevant information by Matsumoto Financial Group through third parties (including credit report entities). In any event, this Customer Agreement and the account(s) permitted hereunder become effective only upon acceptance by an authorised representative of Matsumoto Financial Group at its principal office.

2. DEBIT BALANCES: All monies, securities, negotiable instruments, open positions in Contracts, options premiums, commodities or other property now or at any future time on deposit or in safekeeping with Matsumoto Financial Group, shall constitute security for Customer's obligations hereunder and Customer grants Matsumoto Financial Group the right to sell or use such security to offset and credit any of those obligations not promptly paid. Customer understands that Customer is liable to Matsumoto Financial Group for any deficit ("debit") balance in the account(s) remaining after any such offset. If Customer does not promptly pay a debit in Customer's account(s) and Matsumoto Financial Group deems it necessary to take collection action, Customer will hold Matsumoto Financial Group harmless for all losses and expenses and will reimburse Matsumoto Financial Group for the debit and all costs incurred, including reasonable attorney's fees in connection with such collection actions.

3. COMMISSIONS, FEES AND OTHER COSTS: Customer agrees to pay all commissions, fees and other costs charged by Matsumoto Financial Group. Matsumoto Financial Group is authorized to convert fund in Customer's account(s) into and from the relevant foreign currency at the rate of exchange plus appropriate fees, obtained from Matsumoto Financial Group.

4. EXCHANGE RULES: All transactions handled by Matsumoto Financial Group on Customer's behalf shall be subject to the constitution, regulations, customs and interpretations of each exchange or market (and it's clearing house, if any), on which the rates are executed, and to all applicable international governmental regulations. Matsumoto Financial Group shall not be liable to Customer as a result of any action taken by Matsumoto Financial Group to comply with such rules.

5. REPORTS AND NOTICES: Should inaccuracies or discrepancies appear on a Customer's statement of accounts, the customer agrees that it is the Customer's responsibility to inform, either by telephone, fax or email immediately upon receipt of the statement. If the Customer does not respond immediately, executed orders and statement reports shall be considered as accurate; in doing this Matsumoto Financial Group relieves itself of all responsibility. All reports of inaccuracies must be made to Matsumoto Financial Group up within 48 hrs. Customer has the responsibility to maintain contact with Matsumoto Financial Group at all times that Customer has market positions or has placed orders but it is not available at Customer's regular address or telephone number to receive reports. Details of trades and any other similar information or notices sent to Customer shall be conclusive and binding unless Customer notifies Matsumoto Financial Group to the contrary, where a report or notice is sent electronically, by fax, by e-mail or made orally.

6. TAPE RECORDING: Customer hereby authorizes Matsumoto Financial Group to make recordings of telephone conversations between Customer and Matsumoto Financial Group regardless of whether a periodic tone signal is used. Customer consents to the use of such tape recording in any forum in connection with resolving disputes. Matsumoto Financial Group and its affiliates may also, at their discretion, utilize a telephone recording system to place Customer's orders. Matsumoto Financial Group may erase or dispose of such tapes in accordance with its normal procedures.

7. AMENDMENTS AN GUARANTEES: This Agreement, reflects the entire agreement between Matsumoto Financial Group and Customer and supersedes all prior oral and written agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and no provisions hereof shall in any respect be waived, augmented or modified by any other party unless in writing and signed by an official so authorized at Matsumoto Financial Group office headquarters. No one (including FCM's, Associated Persons, Introducing Brokers, Fund Managers, Commodity Trading Advisors or Pool Operators) can guarantee profits or the absence of losses. Customer agrees to promptly notify Matsumoto Financial Group compliance department if any such guarantee is suggested.

8. TERMINATION: This Agreement may be terminated by Matsumoto Financial Group or the Customer immediately upon written notice to the other party. In the event of such termination, Customer shall immediately liquidate positions in Customer's Account(s) or transfer such open commodity interest positions to another IB. Notwithstanding any termination, Customer shall satisfy all liabilities to Matsumoto Financial Group arising hereunder (including but not limited to payment of applicable debit balances, commission and fees including fees with respect to the transfer of positions to another IB) This Agreement shall be binding upon Customer's personal representatives and legal successors, and shall incur to the benefit of Matsumoto Financial Group successors by merger, assignment, consolidation or otherwise. In the event of Customer's bankruptcy proceedings, death, incompetence, dissolution, or failure to provide adequate margin, Matsumoto Financial Group is authorized to terminate account in fashion described elsewhere in this Agreement, without prior notice to the Customer. The termination of this Agreement shall not affect the obligations of the parties arising from transaction entered into prior to such termination. Matsumoto Financial Group reserves the right to terminate a Customer account at any time, for any reason.

9. CONSENT TO JURISDICTION: Customer agrees that all disputes, claims, actions or proceedings arising directly, indirectly or otherwise in connection with, out of, related to, or from, this Agreement shall be arbitrated only in an arbitration forum agreed with ICFTC. Customer consents and submits to the jurisdiction of any international court.

10. EMAIL EXECUTION: Matsumoto Financial Group accepts documents signed and transmitted by email as original documents. The signature of any person or entity thereon, is to be considered as an original signature, and the documents transmitted to be considered as an original signature, and the document transmitted is to be considered to have the same binding effect as an original signature on an original document. At the request of Matsumoto Financial Group any document sent by email must be re-executed in original from by the persons or entities who executed the email document. No party hereto may raise the use of an email document as a defense to the enforcement of this Agreement or any amendment of other document executed in compliance with this section.

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