Who We Are

Matsumoto Financial Group is a specialist wealth manager who helps clients explore the true potential of their hard-earned money. We achieve this through character-rich engagement and strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust. For us it's not just about the numbers, we're interested in your aspirations and goals - even the worries that keep you up at night. Once we have a deep understanding of your affairs, we then strategise, implement and manage a financial roadmap for you and your family. It is a roadmap that we continuously watch over, manage and build upon. This is what we call wealthcare and it's what allows you to explore what your wealth is truly worth.


Once we have identified exactly what you want from your wealth we make it happen for you. We achieve this by using the best fiduciary, risk, and asset management expertise available in the country to protect and grow your money - both locally and internationally. The result? You can look forward to a future that has been hand crafted for you.


You are at the centre of everything we do. In other words, we are client-led, not product-driven. Our focus is on providing you with the best wealth management advice you can possibly get and our transparent approach frees us to offer you honest and objective advice. It also ensures our interests are aligned with yours. Furthermore, our flexible fee model means you not only get a portfolio that's personalised for you but also the freedom to choose the payment structure that best suits you and your unique circumstances.

As a Matsumoto Financial Group client you have preferential access to the finest global investment specialists. Our thorough due-diligence process regarding fund manager selection and risk management ensures your money is invested wisely and securely.

What's more, we manage your affairs and treat them with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Ours is a unique value-driven culture that has forged deep and trusted long-term relationships with our clients for more than 10 years.

THE Matsumoto Financial Group DIFFERENCE

Historically an Institutional Investment House, Matsumoto Financial Group launched the Wealth Management division (Individual Investor Division) in 2015 as a project driven by the original Board of Directors, believed they could bring the benefits of Institutional Investments to Individuals.

Matsumoto Financial Group have always invested heavily in Research and Development, not just looking at how the global financial markets are trading but more importantly using their Asia Head-office base to monitor the movement of money from Asia globally, with over 3000 sqm of the 4500 sqm dedicated to specialist teams focussing on 4 key areas of business:

Merger's & Acquisitions
Stock Trading/Fund Management
Tax Mitigation/Wealth Management
Matsumoto Financial Group has always been committed to treating its clients fairly. This is a core focus of our business. Through our Client Acquisition & Development committee we actively strive to attain the highest possible service and attention at all times.

From the very first interaction, we focus on your personal needs, targets and goals with every new wealth management client benefiting from our Institutional Investments.

Investment Philosophy


At Matsumoto Financial Group, we are driven by one goal: to help you discover the meaning of true and sustainable wealth. We achieve this ambition by constructing a solid foundation on which to protect and grow your personal financial legacy.

The members of our investment team are highly regarded as experts and thought leaders when it comes to understanding the investment landscape, the drivers and sources of returns and the implications for valuations across all the important asset classes and under ever-changing economic and political circumstances.

This understanding of the fundamentals of each asset class is used to determine the most likely behaviour and potential returns that can be expected from the investment decisions that we make. It is this depth of insight, coupled with years of experience within the team, which forms the basis of how we create your portfolio and manage your wealth.

Investment Pillars

We also understand that taking the emotion out of investing is an ability that underpins successful investment decision-making and financial behaviour. For this reason, we put this skill at the centre of our investment process. This approach ensures we bring clarity to our thinking and discipline to our decisions; both critical components in looking after our clients wealth. We believe that taken together, the four pillars of our investment philosophy should help guard against emotional investing. These pillars are:


Every asset class or investment has an intrinsic value. This inherent value does not fluctuate greatly over time. However, market perceptions of the fundamental value of asset classes typically fluctuates widely, which means market prices often diverge materially from intrinsic value. We base our investment decisions on identifying such under- and over-valuation of asset classes. This means that contrary to sentiment, which sells low and buys high, we are positioned to buy when assets are undervalued and sell when they are becoming overvalued. If there is any ingredient that is critical to successful investment behaviour, this is the component. Not only does this process optimise long-term returns, it also reduces risk.


A wide body of research and evidence shows that the bulk of investment returns can be attributed to decisions concerning asset allocation. In this regard, asset classes – both local and global – include listed equities in developed and emerging markets, cash, government bonds and property, as well as high-yield and emerging market bonds (including corporate bonds) and alternative strategies (such as hedge funds and physical assets).


Most investment markets exhibit price volatility, which is unpredictable over shorter periods. Through the effective combination of different assets in a portfolio, one can successfully reduce risk without compromising returns. A portfolio that consists of a range of asset classes that behave differently to one another as market circumstances change is an important component of any investment strategy. Invested in these different sources of return is the basis for a robust investment portfolio that should preserve and grow wealth consistently over time.


The future is uncertain and impossible to predict. While we cannot forecast the future, our team of experts can build investments that are able to cope effectively with uncertainty. When unforeseen events arise, our portfolios are built to absorb such uncertainties and stay the course. Employing this approach means emotions can be kept out of the process. We stress-test our investment strategy and portfolios against various economic scenarios and adjust portfolios where necessary to minimise the impact of uncertainty and unexpected surprises. In this way we acknowledge and mitigate the risk attached to an uncertain future.

Strict adherence to these pillars guards against emotional investment decisions and enables Matsumoto Financial Group to construct robust, long-term portfolios. This is the bedrock of our investment philosophy; and the approach which underpins our investment practice.

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